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Anonymous Alcoholics are an association of men and women sharing experiences, strengths and hopes with the goal of solving a common problem and helping others recover from alcoholism. The only condition for membership in the group is the desire to stop drinking.

The membership free is not charged, we are financed by our own contributions.

Anonymous Alcoholics are not connected to any sect, political or other organization and institution. AA does not want to participate in public debates, and therefore does not support or even oppose any public goals.

Our primary goal is to remain sober and help other alcoholics to achieve a state of sobriety.

Anonymity is absolutely guaranteed. You do not need an ID card, health card, money, you do not need to say your name, profession, religion ...

It s enough that you want to stop drinking or maintaining a sober state.

The association was founded in 1935 in America and today it has over 6 million members in about 150 countries of the world. Working in a group is based on tolerance, understanding, empathy, communication and sharing of their experiences.

The principle of recovery is easy to stop drinking because of the help of others who have stopped before you.

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